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Ode to a Beautiful Nude


Ode to a Beautiful Nude
pablo neruda

With a chaste heart
With pure eyes
I celebrate your beauty
Holding the leash of blood
So that it might leap out and trace your outline
Where you lie down in my Ode
As in a land of forests or in surf
In aromatic loam, or in sea music

Beautiful nude
Equally beautiful your feet
Arched by primeval tap of wind or sound
Your ears, small shells
Of the splendid American sea
Your breasts of level plentitude
Fulfilled by living light
Your flying eyelids of wheat
Revealing or enclosing
The two deep countries of your eyes

The line your shoulders have divided into pale regions
Loses itself and blends into the compact halves of an apple
Continues separating your beauty down into two columns of
Burnished gold
Fine alabaster
To sink into the two grapes of your feet
Where your twin symmetrical tree burns again and rises
Flowering fire
Open chandelier
A swelling fruit
Over the pact of sea and earth

From what materials
Did your body come together?
Swelling like baking bread to signal silvered hills
The cleavage of one petal
Sweet fruits of a deep velvet
Until alone remained
The fine and firm feminine form

It is not only light that falls over the world spreading inside your body
Yet suffocate itself
So much is clarity
Taking its leave of you
As if you were on fire within

The moon lives in the lining of your skin

Listen to Rufus Sewell's reading of this poem.

Boston Legal


Lawyers, dry humor, easy sexual bantering, biting sarcasm, eccentric characters, offbeat sensibility, great writing, and gorgeous girls sum up what I like in a show. I'm talking about Boston Legal here. Aside from the reasons I just enumerated, I love the show because of James Spader and William Shatner. Putting the two together in one TV show is one of the most brilliant decisions ever made in the history of TV (this is an according to me statement). Just so you would know what I'm talking about, here's a clip from the caves of Youtube:

And yeah, I have a DVD of the series.

when love and hate collide...


is the title of my first ever abstract painting.

I made this while listening to Rihanna's Umbrella. wehehehehe.

You can make your own too.

According to me : foreign films you should watch...


1. Hero (Chinese)
2. Cinema Paradiso (Italian)
3. City of God (Cicade de Deus)
4. The Tin Drum (German)
5. Magnifico (Tagalog)
6. O Crime do Padre Amaro (Portuguese)
7. Malena (Italian)
8. Amelie (French)
9. Voces Inocentes (Mexican)
10. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Chinese)
11. Once (Irish)
12. Rashomon (Japanese)
13. Oldboy (Korean)
14. My Sassy Girl (Korean)
15. The King and the Clown (Korean)