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Young Voters Outreach

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The 2008 preisdential race candidates are geraed up to win the youth's crucial vote. With their Web logs, Facebook profiles and college rallies, the 2008 presidential candidates are lavishing attention on a group that displays unbridled enthusiasm early in the campaign but tends to lose interest when the voting starts.

Here's a sample of youth outreach efforts in the presidential campaign:

Republican Mike Huckabee: The former Arkansas governor, 51, has a Web site geared to young voters and will soon start a blog from his campaign travels. He also plays bass in a rock band, Capitol Offense.

Democrat Joe Biden: The Delaware senator, 64, has spoken at college campuses, bought full-page ads in college newspapers and used a variety of podcasts and Web sites to reach young people. "Part of it is built on celebrity," said spokesman Larry Rasky, "but it can also can be built on a passion for the issues."

Republican Mitt Romney: The former Massachusetts governor, 59, is reaching college voters through campus GOP groups in Michigan, South Carolina and other key states as well as through online networks and Web sites with features such as Mitt-TV. "The governor stresses technology and innovation — that appeals to the crowd that grew up in the information age," said spokesman Kevin Madden.

Democrat Dennis Kucinich: The Ohio congressman, 60, doesn't just work the college vote — he visits high schools and junior high schools, too. He favors extending the right to vote to 16-year-olds. "I reach out to young voters and young voters reach out to me," he said. "They're doing it because of my strong stand for peace, my efforts to protect the environment."


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